Max2Green Filter Set

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Compatible with: Airmega 300 and 300s

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Filter Life Expectancy: Max2 Green Filter (1 Year)

Filter Set includes: 2 pairs of Max2Green filter

The Max2Green Filter is combined Green True HEPA™ filter and an activated carbon filter, all in one convenient package.

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Coway HyperCaptive™ Filtration

The combination of multiple filters removes up to 99.999% of nano-sized particles down to 0.01 µm, smaller than bacteria and virus.¹

Washable Pre-filter

Extra fine pre-filter that captures large dusts, fur, hair and pet hair.

Max2 Green™ Filter

The advanced combined filter of Activated Carbon and GreenHEPA™ technology applied Ultrafine Particle Filter for maximum performance on cleaning common household particles.

Max2 Green™ Filter

Secondary GreenHEPA™ technology applied filter to remove particles including allergens, bacteria, dander, fine dust, mould, pollen and virus.

Washable Pre-Filter

Secondary Pre-Filter removes large dusts, fur, hair and pet hair.

Washable Pre-filter

Captures dust, pet hair, and other large particles

To prolong the lifetime of every filter, the Coway-engineered pre-filter captures all large contaminants first. It is also washable and easy to dry.

Pet Hair
Dust Mites
Max2Green™ filter (Activated Carbon filter)

Removes up to 99% of bad smells, smoke, and VOCs

Providing powerful deodorisation, Coway's carbon filter removes odour-causing harmful gases like VOCs, which can cause headaches, nausea, or worse.

Food Smells
Cigarette Smells
Pet Smell
Acetoc Acid
Max2Green™ filter (GreenHEPA™ Filter)

Captures nano-sized particles including allergens and germs

GreenHEPA™ Filter captures and removes nano-sized particles including dust, allergens, micro-plastic, germs and pollen. The captured germs are inactivated and neutralised within 24 hours to stop from further growing.

PM 2.5
PM 10