Hello. We are Coway

Hello. We are Coway

The Best Life Solution Company

In 1989, Coway was founded in South Korea. We have researched and developed world-class air and waterpurifiers and essential home appliances. Today, Coway is a Netmarble Group associated company and the market leader of Korea, We are proud tobring our award-winning products to our global consumers.

Create a Better Life for Everyone

Reaching for the highest quality with technology and craftsmanship. Understanding the various dynamics of our consumer lifestyle and providing a better, healthier and happier lifestyle with our innovation and products is our mission to go forward.

The Air Maker, Changing the Air of Your Space with Absolute Freshness

Entering the European market, we live with the responsibility as the world’s top Air Maker. We will build trust by making products our conscience can live with and provide fresh air that is truly safe for everyone.

Annual Revenue
2.33 Billion EUR
2020 Financial Report
Global Air Purifier Sales
Since 1994
Global Operation
60+ Countries
As of 2021
510 Researchers
As of 2021
As of 2021
Major Design Awards
458 Awards
From 2006 to 2021
Factory Plants
4 Factories
As of 2021
Plastic Waste Recycle
23,219 Tons
As of 2021
Global Force
6,658 Employees
As of 2021

Our Journey Forward

Relentless Pursuit of Life Innovation

1989-1999: The Beginning and the First 10 years

In 1989, we began our water purifier business. The air purifier business was launched in 1993 and our R&D centre opened in the same year. We believe water and air are the most essential components of our life and we created the products with the highest standards. Coway also introduced the home appliance rental system to the market and soon we became ranked No.1 in-home care business.

2001-2010: Strengthening our Core Business and Growth

Expanded our R&D centre to Seoul National University and opened our Design Institution. The second manufacturing plant was built and by strengthening our infrastructure we became a true full-service provider. Throughout the 2000s, we expanded to the Cosmetics and Home Care Business. Furthermore, opened our EU centre for logistics and subsidiary offices in the US, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

2011-2020: Taking off with the Internet of Things

Completed our International Safety Certification Centre and over 10 million air purifiers were sold during this decade. We applied the ‘IoCare’ app service through mobile connectivity, allowing easier control and maintenance. With the launching of innovative products, the total revenue reached near 3 billion USD. Continuously invested on R&D and received CES innovation awards for 5 consecutive years.

2021: Focus on Overseas Business

Our world-class water and air R&D infrastructure enable us to support operations in the US, Malaysia, China and Thailand, and more, where we specifically design products and services to meet each region's individual demands. We maintain our main product ranges for home wellness, such as our air and water purifiers, juicers and bidets. By implementing key marketing strategies, we accelerate sustainable business growth overseas.

Our Business

Best-in-Class Better Life Appliances

We make industry-leading air and water purifiers, smart bidets, mattress in a box and a wide range of better life appliances.

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Research & Development

Technology That Leads

Our products are technology-driven, all developed from our research centre with world-class infrastructure and researchers.

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Filtration Technology

HyperCaptive™ Filtration with GreenHEPA™ Technology

Developed with years of research, providing the industry-leading purification level with virus protection.

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Design Centre

Where Our Leading Designs Are Born

We design the inside and outside of our product, as well as the user experience with it. Our design has received over 450 major design awards.

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Global Network

Globally Connected. Operating in 60+ Countries

Our international network spans 5 continents with regional HQs in the US, Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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We Care About Today And Tomorrow

Coway supports and takes part in global sustainable initiatives. Further, we strive to achieve RE100 and Zero-Carbon emissions.

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