Getting Started

Getting Started

Pairing Airmega with Alexa

  1. Alexa device paired and connected to the network.

  2. Coway Air Purifier (AP-1512HHS, Airmega 300S/400S-ONLY) paired and connected to the network – Smart App & Pairing

  3. Open the Alexa app.

  4. Search 'Coway Smart Home' under the 'Skills' tab

  5. Click 'Enable Skill' on Coway Smart Home, in-app, then log in using the Coway IoCare App ID/PW to verify device(s)

  6. If connected, you’ll receive a message saying 'Coway Smart Home has been successfully linked'

  7. Test the Air Purifier commands as you wish!

Giving Your Airmega a Nickname

By default, your air purifier’s nickname is 'Airmega'.

If you have more than one Airmega in your home, you will need to give each of your Airmega units a nickname in order to control them using Alexa. This name will be used every time you issue a command to Alexa.

Command List Alexa


Power ON: Alexa, turn (nickname) on.

Power OFF: Alexa, turn (nickname) off.

Fan Speed

Fan Speed Level One: Alexa, change (nickname) fan speed to level one.

Fan Speed Level Two: Alexa, change (nickname) fan speed to level two

Fan Speed Level Three: Alexa, change (nickname) fan speed to level three.

Fan Speed Low Level: Alexa, change (nickname) fan speed to level low.

Fan Speed Medium Level: Alexa, change (nickname) fan speed to level medium.

Fan Speed High Level: Alexa, change (nickname) fan speed to level high.


Smart Mode: Alexa, change to (nickname) smart mode.

Auto Mode: Alexa, change to (nickname) auto mode.

Sleep Mode: Alexa, change to (nickname) sleep mode.

Sleep Timer

One HourTimer: Alexa, set (nickname) sleep timer to one hour.

Two Hours Timer: Alexa, set (nickname) sleep timer to two hours.

Four Hours Timer: Alexa, set (nickname) sleep timer to four hours.

Eight Hours Timer: Alexa, set (nickname) sleep timer to eight hours.


Light On: Alexa, turn (nickname) light on.

Light Off: Alexa, turn (nickname) light off.

FAQ Alexa

Alexa is not responsive, what now?

Please check if the Airmega and your Alexa device are both connected to a stable network.

If the problem persists after fixing the possible network issue, determine which device is not working properly by checking the Airmega using the iOS/Android application and using other (non-Airmega) commands.

For additional help, please go to:

What happens if the Airmega application is not working properly?

If the Airmega application is not working, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The server may be down (notification will be sent for scheduled maintenance). If you receive a notification of 'Server maintenance. Please try later', it means that we’re working on the server and should be back up in few hours.

  2. Check if the Airmega is powered on. Airmega will only recognize command(s) to power on the device when off.

  3. The device may not be plugged in.If the problem consists, please contact us on our website, we’re here to help!

What happens if Alexa is not working properly?

Alexa might not be hearing you correctly or your Airmega might not be correctly linked to Alexa.

For help with fixing these issues, please go to:

Note: The Airmega may recognize the command up to 10-seconds after the device is turned off.

What does the error message 'Airmega is not connected' mean?

This error message means that the Airmega unit is disconnected from Alexa.

What does the 'Airmega is off' error message mean?

This means the Airmega is currently not turned on.

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