technology life solutions

Life solutions through technology

Our market-leading signature brands of air, water and body care are all developed with our own technologies to provide a better life solution.

airmega purifier for fresh air

AIRMEGA for fresh air care

Air is the essence of our life and what Coway is most proud of with over 27 years of experience. Coway supplies industry-leading air purifiers with the latest technology developed by Asia’s largest air research centre with over 196 billion air-related databases.

clean water through aquamega

AQUAMEGA for clean water care

Water is essential to us all and is where Coway started its business over 30 years ago. Our R&D is the most recognized facility with dozens of WQA experts and analyses the water quality of over 40 countries to provide water that is safe and taste-full to drink.

BIDETMEGA for hygienic body care

BIDETMEGA for hygienic body care

To support a better living and lifestyle, Coway produces industry-defining smart bidets with the signature i-wave care system. We pursuit every aspect of better living and make water softeners, massage chairs and foot baths for complete body care.

Coway Mattress for pleasant sleep care

Coway Mattress for pleasant sleep care

Next-level mattress in a box that is prime in quality and budget efficient. Comes in every bed type you desire and is supported with an advanced seven-zone structure. With the topper exchange. Service brings long-lasting pleasant sleep care.

The essentials for a sensuous living care

The essentials for a sensuous living care

Our life gets better with simple but robust products that we can count on such as the Coway induction stovetop, smart garment cleaner and innovative LED cell mask.

Our passion to continue on

Our passion to continue on

As the best life solution company, our business started from water purification to air and to multiple lifestyle categories. Our technology-oriented passion will continue to introduce new products that lift up the value of our life.

More about us

research n development

Research & Development

Technology that leads to a better living.

coway design center

Coway Design Centre

Where leading designs are born.

greenhepa filtration technology

Filtration Technology

HyperCaptive™ Filtration with Coway GreenHEPA™ Technology.

coway's global network

Global Network

Globally Connected. Operating In 60+ Countries