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3-stage filtration system with humidification

The Hue&Healing purifies your indoor air while humidifying your space to keep it free from viruses and bacteria.¹

Washable Pre-Filter

Extra fine pre-filter that captures large dusts, fur, hair and pet hair.

Activated Carbon Filter

Double hive carbon filter that removes bad smell, cigarette smells, pet odours, harmful gases, formaldehyde and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Ultrafine Particle Filter

Removes up to 99.95% of 0.3μm sized airborne particles such as allergens, bacteria, dander, dust, mould, pollen and viruses.


Maximum protection against common household particles


Human Hair

Pet Hair

Dust Mite


Activated Carbon Filter

Food Smell

Cigarette Smell

Pet Smell





Acetic Acid



Ultrafine Particle Filter






Dust Mites






Single touch to control your air quality and humidity level

Hue&Healing comes with an intuitive control panel to monitor and control real time air quality and humidity level.


  1. Air Quality Indicator in 4 Colours

  2. Auto Mode / Silent Mode / Sleep Mode / Turbo Mode

  3. Humidity Level Display

  4. Light Control / Mood Light

  • Good
  • Moderate
  • Unhealthy
  • Very Unhealthy
  • 1

    Air Quality Indicator in 4 Colours

  • Air Quality Indicator in 4 Colours

  • 2

    Auto Mode / Silent Mode / Sleep Mode / Turbo Mode

  • Auto Mode / Silent Mode / Sleep Mode / Turbo Mode

  • 3

    Humidity Level Display

  • Humidity Level Display

  • 4

    Light Control / Mood Light

  • Light Control / Mood Light

  • 1

    Air Quality Indicator in 4 Colours

  • Air Quality Indicator in 4 Colours

  • 2

    Auto Mode / Silent Mode / Sleep Mode / Turbo Mode

  • Auto Mode / Silent Mode / Sleep Mode / Turbo Mode

  • 3

    Humidity Level Display

  • Humidity Level Display

  • 4

    Light Control / Mood Light

  • Light Control / Mood Light


Rest assured with the smart Auto Mode

Auto mode monitors the air quality, adjusts the fan speed, and purifies the space as needed — Using low energy but providing a new level of air purity.



Have all the fun with the Turbo Mode

Whether it’s with your loving family or pet, never let go of your play-hard spirit. The turbo mode will keep the air fresh with max power.


Stay quieter with the super Silent Mode

There are always moments when clean air is vital, but low noise is desired. The silent mode will provide just that right environment.


Exceptional air purification with absolute quietness

The Quiet Mark by the UK Noise Abatement Society certifies that low noise is guaranteed for everyday life and also for special times.


Natural vapour humidifier for extra safety

The water in the tank hydrates the green humidification filter to create moisture. The filtered clean air of the air purifier contacts the moist and carries the naturally vapoured ultra-fine water particles of 0.0001 micrometre size, 0.1 nano-metre.

  • Extremely safe as the size is so small to carry any germs.
  • Water particles carried further than ultrasonic mists.
  • Avoids wet areas and leaves no white marks. 
  • Automatically controls the humidity level to 40~60%.

Natural vapor droplet does not carry germs

Automatically maintains 40%~ 60% humidity level


Fast humidification and auto-dry

  • Simply use tap water
  • Push-open design is easy to fill and clean
  • Fast humidification of 450ml/h
  • Auto Dry function dries the humidification filter to protect from bacterial contamination
  • The air purifier is on without the water




Designed for your best sleep ever

On sleep mode, the fan is on its lowest mere 22dB sound and the humidity level continues to be set for the ideal 40% to 60%. 



Perfect room climate, ready for a cosy bed

On sleep mode, the ambient 30 lux light is on and dims in 20 minutes to guide you to a comfortable good night sleep.

*The light can be turned on/off manually.




iF Design Awarded

Airmega Hue&Healing received excellence in design at the prestigious iF Design Award for its smooth and charming look.

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Hue&Healing charm to your space

Matches well with all interior designs of both living and bedrooms for pure comfort.


Frequently asked questions

Airmega Hue&Healing Manual
Download the manual here: Airmega Hue&Healing Manual
Airmega Hue&Healing Specifications

Room Coverage: 64 m2

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 247 m3/h

Filter: Washable Pre-filter + Activated Carbon Filter + Ultrafine Particle Filter + Washable Humidification Filter

Filter Life Expectancy: Activated Carbon Filter (1 year) + Ultrafine Particle Filter (1 year)

Air Quality Indicator: 4 Colours (Blue / Mauve / Violet / Red)

Airflow Control: 4 Stages (Auto / Silent / Sleep / Turbo)

Minimum Noise: 22 dB

Maximum Noise: 43 dB

Power Consumption: Min 6.1 W – Max 26.2 W

Product Dimension (H x W x D): 51.5 x 41.0 x 27.2 cm

Product Weight: 9.7 kg


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Quiet Mark Certification

Quiet Mark is an international certification approved by the UK Noise Abatement Society. Issued to products that went through real-life tests and is proven to have low noise level for everyday usage.

Natural Humidifier

Natural evaporative humidification is safe and effective with a bubble size of 0.0001 micrometres is too small to carry harmful particles and spreads further by the air purifier airflow.

Auto Filter Dry Care

When the humidifier function is turned off, the Hue&Healing will automatically dry the humidifier filter to prevent possible bacteria growth and extends the filter life.

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* CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of particulate matter is tested according to GB/T18801-2015 by a certified third-party lab.
Measurement specifications are defined in GB/T 18801-2015, according to which two particle concentration decay rates have to be determined within a test chamber with a defined volume (Vchamber): a natural decay rate with inactive air cleaner (knat) and a decay rate detected under the measurements are carried out in a 30 ㎥chamber, which is empty except for the air cleaner placed on a table, two fans to mix and recirculate the air and some measurement periphery (mainly tubing). The chamber is kept at a temperature of 25 ± 2°C and a relative humidity of 50 ± 10%. Cigarette smoke is used as test aerosol and the number concentration of particles > 0.3 µm is measured using an optical aerosol spectrometer usage of the indoor air cleaner (kAC). The decay rates k are determined from the measured temporal decay of the particle concentration C(t), starting from the initial concentration C0:

* Room size is calculated according to NRCC-54013 standard using CADR tested according to GB/T18801-2015.

  • NRCC: Method for Testing Air Cleaners
  • Formula for room size: Room size = 0.26*CADR

Note: The performance results may vary depending on the actual use environment of customers.